My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns are AVAILABLE to buy from www.craftysewandso.com

Essential Dressing... 

Imagine waking up and choosing a unique garment from a wardrobe full of your own creations.

With My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns you can create comfortable and stylish everyday essentials to get you excited about getting dressed every single day! 


Don't let bad design define your style or your lifestyle 

Enjoy making practical, modern, well-fitting garments which fit your body shape and lifestyle. Printed paper patterns, with the option of downloadable PDFs too, whichever suit you. All with clear and concise instructions, explanations of sewing techniques and clear photographs and diagrams along the way...

Because we believe sewing your own Handmade Wardrobe should be about expressing your own style with clothes which suit your lifestyle every day!

It just makes sense!


Our patterns are different...


"Do what with the who-now...!"

No matter what your sewing experience, we believe you should have fun making your clothes! 

We don't assume prior knowledge or hide important details (such as seam allowances). What you need to know before you sew is clearly laid out in an appealing and easy to follow format. 

My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns feature in-depth instructions, supported by online tutorial videos and in-depth techniques guides. Our super clear, step-by-step photographic and written instructions in everyday language and a thorough Learn-as-you-sew glossary of sewing techniques, with photographs, will ensure you will enjoy creating garments to be proud of!

Our patterns teach you how to achieve the perfect fit with detailed guides to help with measuring yourself and the pattern to ensure the perfect fit before you've even put scissors to cloth. We will remind you when, what and where to measure and how to check the fit of your garment to avoid spending to much time with the dreaded unpicker!

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We wanted to enjoy making clothes we'd wear - all the time...

...And we know you do as well! 

We have been gathering research and customer feedback since opening our shop Crafty Sew&So in 2015 and long before that too!

We've been listening to our customer's requests for practical, modern, well-fitting garments which fit your body shape and lifestyle. But our desire to create the ultimate dressmaking patterns, as unique and stylish as those using them, is personal! When Sarah began teaching she found that the patterns on offer did not aid the learning process! So we're putting an end to confusing sizing, baffling instructions and outdated styling. Having battled with many-a-pattern throughout our sewing adventures we think it's time for a change! 

We'll be collaborating with the sewing community to inspire and support you in your dressmaking adventures. Keep an eye on our blog in the run up to and after our launch for first hand reviews, add-on pattern updates and lots of ideas for how to get the most out of each pattern pack.